Dr Joanna Gawlikowska

Vita Shake is a product created with passion, knowledge and commitment. Dr Joanna Gawlikowska, an experienced dietician and enthusiast of a healthy lifestyle, is a co-author of its success.

A qualified doctor of aesthetic medicine. A graduate of medical studies at Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University. She obtained the qualifications and knowledge of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging in the course of post-graduate studies ‘Aesthetic Medicine for Physicians’ at Katowice School of Economics. Her diploma dissertation presents her findings on the impact of a diet on the skin condition and aging and an analysis of methods to slow down aging processes.


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She is passionate about nutritional medicine, the branch of medicine which allows for effective examination of patient’s nutritional needs and for recommendation of specific changes in patient’s diet in order to prevent or mitigate different kinds of illnesses. She increased her knowledge of dietetics and nutritional medicine in the course of post-graduate studies ‘Nutrition in health and illness’ at Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University. In everyday practice, she concentrates on active promotion of health, as she believes that the right nutrition is the basis of good health and longevity.

A qualified consultant in the programme of food intolerance LEAP (Lifestyle Eating And Performance). The programme is developed on the basis of the MRT (Mediator Release Test) results and is adjusted precisely to individual patient’s needs by a consultant. Thus a new personalised nutrition style can be created to eliminate and mitigate disease manifestations and to reduce inflammations caused by food intolerances.

A member of the Polish Society of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine.

She continues to raise her qualifications and participates in numerous training courses and academic conferences on aesthetic, nutritional and anti-aging medicine.

What you eat and drink affects the length and, primarily, the quality of your life

That statement subscribes to the assumptions of anti-aging medicine, which suggests that genetic factors decide about the length of our life merely in 20%, while as much as 80% is determined by our lifestyle, diet and the environment around us.

With its Vita Shakes, Livioon Company meets the needs of us all. Owing to these shakes we may easily stay in shape and take care of ourselves.

Working with a team of technologists, we have developed such Shake composition that it provides the best complex of vitamins and minerals. All Shakes are rich in proteins and fibre, while being free from: soya, gluten and sugar. Their preparation is very easy – you can drink them always and everywhere.

I highly recommend Vita Shake as a replacement of one or two meals per day. The composition of ingredients will enable you to lose weight and stay healthy. We can consider it an example of concentrated superfoods.

Dr Joanna Gawlikowska
A qualified doctor of aesthetic medicine.

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