Extracts from nutrients

Comfortable Shaker
with a capacity of 700 ml

Vita Shake.
Three unique flavors


Dr Joanna Gawlikowska

Vita Shake is a product created with passion, knowledge and commitment. Dr Joanna Gawlikowska, an experienced dietician and enthusiast of a healthy lifestyle, is a co-author of its success.

What you eat and drink affects the length and, primarily, the quality of your life.

A qualified doctor of aesthetic medicine. A graduate of medical studies at Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University. She obtained the qualifications and knowledge of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging in the course of post-graduate studies ‘Aesthetic Medicine for Physicians’ at Katowice School of Economics. Her diploma dissertation presents her findings on the impact of a diet on the skin condition and aging and an analysis of methods to slow down aging processes.


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Vita Shake.
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After all, in the 21st century what we eat is getting more and more important and it repeatedly turns out that we eat only ‘empty calories’. Even fresh fruit and vegetables, treated with pesticides and grown in impoverished soil, become mere plate decorations devoid of any nutritional value.


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